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  • Are you someone who feels there is more and you are not sure what is missing?
  • Have you felt like you are not living at your highest?
  • Have you reached many of your personal & professional goals but still feeling empty?
  • Are you on a soul searching path?
  • Do you want to know what the Universe has in store for you?
  • Looking for clarity, answers and confirmations?

Be the one you are meant to be to see more balance in the world and make it a better place

Being the One is a project formed by Paula Alonso & Carles Pérez, where we share our motivations, interests and way of life related to our life purpose.

Our mission is to help people to create and live a meaningful life through spiritual connection.
Our vision is to see more balance in the world and make it a better place.

We believe that Being the One is you!

We help you to experience the change and to be the person that you are meant to be according to your life purpose.

This is how our clients define us:

Carles is your translator of the stars. He is a master Astrologer.’
‘His analytical mind and caring manner ensures an accurate and heartfelt assessment of your past and future path’
‘He has a wonderfully compassionate and insightful ability to interpret the charts and provide meaning to the data’
‘He finds a comfortable balance between astrology and life coaching, so I stay grounded’
‘He’s very well educated on this topic. I felt really safe, because of his sensitive charms’

Paula has the ability of making you feel confident’
‘With her Angel Card Readings she really acts as a channel between your guides and the message that has to be delivered’
‘Her pureness and absence of need to intervene makes her a very trustworthy reader, providing you with the answers from above that you need to receive’
‘I was amazed with her good humor and positivism, turning a very serious session -due to the messages received- into a relaxed, amorous and deep experience’


moneybackWe take care of everything. Satisfaction guaranteed.
You Have Arrived Here Because ...
* You are still looking for answers. * There is a situation that is bothering you and you cannot identify it. * You are doing things as before but you are not getting positive results. * You have everything but yet not fully happy. You would like to know why? * Something unconcious is unresolved but you don’t know what. * You need to thrive your life but you don’t know where to start.

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I need to understand WHY I am at this particular situation. Why am I facing these current challenges? Get a Skype 30’ session FREE with us to clear out your doubts.

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This experience has been amazing. At first I was a bit sceptical about having a reading. I mean, my horoscoop in the paper was never accurate. Carles shifted my view because he was accurate and he translates what the stars have to say very well.

Carles finds a comfortable balance between astrology and life coaching, so I stay grounded. He’s very well educated on this topic. I felt really safe, because of his sensitive charms.

And I’m a bit addicted to the readings now. I’ve had my own reading, a couples reading, my wedding day reading, a family reading, he even did a gematry reading of my business name.

The best part of all these readings is the realisation that I can be who I am. It’s a confident feeling knowing that the stars are backing me up.

I would recommend anyone to have a reading with Carles. And when you are new to this, please read Carles and Paula’s E-book “self discovery reading experience.” It will help you enormously with your first reading.

Carles is my translator of the stars. 😉


Spiritual Life Coach Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Amstelveen. The Netherlands

The Total Self Discovery Reading far exceeded my expectations. I anticipated validation of who I am and why I’ve lived the life that I have. What I didn’t expect was the far greater depth, breadth and scope of who I am from an eternal soul perspective. The information was both validating and inspiring.  Carles has a wonderfully compassionate and insightful ability to interpret the charts and provide meaning to the data.  This knowledge really did help me assess whether I was ‘being the one I was meant to be.’  The new insights have empowered me to move more boldly toward serving my life purpose, and it provided beautiful hope and meaning.  I even started writing the book that I had previously just been contemplating based on what I learned. Enlist Carles to help increase your awareness, understanding and possibility for living out your true destiny. Shari O'Loughlin

Transformational Life & Business Coach. Alburquerque, USA.

I have never had an astrological reading done before, and I didn’t know what to expect with this Self-Discovery Experience Reading. Carles was very thorough and confirmed a few things for me that I had always suspected. Some of the surprises in my chart explained a lot of why my life path has gone a certain way. I now have a lot more information on how to move forward with my business development, and how to work WITH what my chart tells me, instead of against it. Having the recording and some notes provided was extremely helpful, as I can now return to the call at any time to review aspects of the chart. Jennifer Lang

Creative Voice & Communications Coach. Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jennifer Lang. Inspired-Creative-Communication

In my Natal Chart reading Carles seemed to know me for many years. He gave me the keys to understand better my personality and all the clues to bring my future to the present. He was so sensitive and he encouraged me with practical tools as a good mentor does. Helena V.

Barcelona, Spain

My reading with Carles was more than accurate. He got to the heart of my truth and helped me see ways that I can transform. He is not only knowledgeable, but insightful and compassionate. This is a man who sees beyond what is written in the stars; he saw into my soul. JODI F.

Oakland, CA, United States

Carles is a master astrologer. His analytical mind and caring manner ensures an accurate and heartfelt assessment of my past and future path. The wisdom and insights he brings with his readings are a real eye-opener and cut to core of who I am and who I want to be. It gave me the trust that I am on the right track and faith to persevere in my business and personal life without knowing all the “How tos”, which the universe provides. I was astounded when he mentioned something that I had recently felt but not yet given voice to – that an old unresolved issue with my family needed to be addressed in my mind first, in order for me to fully succeed in next chapter on my life. Moreover, Carles empowered me with the awareness that I can design the years ahead, when I take action on the findings from the reading. I’m absolutely thrilled by his professionalism and can highly recommend his services. CARL BROOKS

Business Growth Coach. Amstelveen. The Netherlands

Las sesiones con Carles me ayudaron a entender muchas cosas de mí misma y una visión de mi camino a seguir a largo plazo. Estoy muy agradecida por su apoyo, muy cercano y empático, revelador. Me sentí muy a gusto con ellos y recomiendo sus servicios a todo el que esté en la búsqueda de sí mismo. Sofia

Gran Cannaria, Spain

I joined a retreat with Paula & Carles in 2014. It was a wonderful experience. The house is fantastic, the rooms, the patio, the pool etc… every detail made me feel like at home and taking care of. The retreat was organized very professional and tastefully by Paula & Carles. I found harmony in every corner and every moment. Paula prepared every meal with love and care. The organic food and tasty ingredients were delicious, yummy! We enjoyed the guided high quality meditations with Feldenkrais and music. The retreat fulfilled all my expectations. I discovered a very nice and funny couple, so close to our feelings. I’m going to repeat the experience some day, and looking forward to get Carles’ Astrological Reading soon! ALBA PEDREIRA

Nice, France.

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